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Welcome to 's Racing page. In a new feature for 2003, this page will now be dedicated to 'club' racers. It's a chance for racers to show off machines, gather support, and promote local and national racing across the World!

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Johnny Gall's MC21SP


Rider: Johnny Charles Gall
Age: Twenty-something!
Bike: MC21/28 hybrid
Championship: USA HRRA
First Ride: CR60 at the age of 12


Johnny Gall runs an unusual MC21/MC28 hybrid in Hawaii's HRRA. This is his first season on an NSR after competing last year (his first ever season) on a Yamaha FZR600. His first ever bike was a CR60 motocrosser, and takes his inspiration from the legendary "King" Kenny Roberts. Very serious about his racing, Johnny has a strict fitness regime including 2 jogging sessions per day, cardio and weight training, and some intensive mental training on GP Racer on the Playstation!!

His ambition is to ride in, and win, at World Championship level GP250.


The MC21 is a rather unique bike. It has an MC28 motor fitted and a special wiring harness was made by Matt Patterson of TYGA Performance. Fitted with both PGM-III and PGM-IV ECUs, the PGM-III controls the RC Valve timing, while the PGM-IV c/w HRC card, controls the ignition map. The barrels are ported and polished and TYGA Performance SS pipes fitted. Some minor jetting changes complete the package.


Johnny's first taste of racing was in the Novice category on a 1991 Yamaha FZR600 in April '02. Even with a stock motor and badly worn/warped brake discs, he was still able to out-run the more popular GSX-Rs, R6s, and CBR F4s of his fellow competitors.

Towards the end of the season, Johnny swapped to the 1993 MC21SP and was instantly successful with two podium finishes; a 2nd (runner up to an R6,) and then a 1st.


January 19th saw the first race of the new season, and a 1st place in the Novice class again saw Johnny beating off various larger capacity 4-strokes! He was consequently 'bumped' up from Novice to Expert.

March 2nd was his first Expert class race, and once again he found himself leading the entire field until the last lap when he crashed. After recovering the bike, Johnny still went on to finish 2nd. Unfortunately, due to HRRA rules stating that bikes must be inspected after any crash before resuming racing, he was stripped of the 2nd place and demoted to last. Race 2 was sat out while repairs to a bent steering damper were carried out. Everything was fit for race 3 where he promptly went out and again secured yet another 1st place!!

April 6th is Johnny's next race weekend... watch this space for details on the weekend's events!


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More club racer profiles coming soon, plus details on preparing and entering various national class racing, so watch this space!

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