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Welcome to 's Racing page. In a new feature for 2003, this page will now be dedicated to 'club' racers. It's a chance for racers to show off machines, gather support, and promote local and national racing across the World!

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Keith Butcher's MC28

UK SS400:

Keith Butcher campains a Frank Wrathall tuned MC28 in many of the NW England rounds of the SS400 championship, and in 2001 won the F250 NEMCRC.


Rider: Keith Butcher
Age: Fifty-something!
Bike: MC28
Championship: F250 NEMCRC



Keith first rode the NSR in 1999 at Croft circuit after being offered the ride by HLB Moto who were preparing his 750 Seeley Norton. This was his first ride on a 2-stroke since racing an RD400 in the early 1980's. He tested the bike during Friday practice and raced on Saturday, and although a virtually standard bike that was getting 'blitzed' by the tuned 400's, immediately recognised it's potential.

Some home tuning saw the bike producing around 50hp but the excellent brakes and handlinng enabled Keith to gain a number of 2nd and 3rd place finishes at Elvington.

The MC28 was absolutely 100% reliable throughout the season, so to the following season! 50 years old and like a kid with a new toy, and not much knowledge of the NSR’s!!


Jolly Moto expansion chambers and an HRC jet kit were supplied by Jo at Apex Leisure. With these fitted, the bike went to Niki Kennedy's dyno for setting up wher power was boosted to a healthy 62hp! A light weight subframe and RS250 bodywork were fitted to up the powere-to-weight ratio a little more.

An excellent season's racing followed with some 2nd and 3rd place finishes at Elvington and East Fortune, and a best of 5th at Croft, with a number of 'class' wins with again, 100% reliability.


The bike was tuned by Frank Wrathall, one of the UK's premier 2-stroke production tuners and RS250 carb's were fitted, but after a bad crash in the early part of the season, Keith never really got back to form. The bike never went to the dyno, and suffered a few problems which were traced to a bad battery, but even so, with a few erratic podiums and class wins, Keith won the F250 NEMCRC championship!


The bike finally made it to the dyno and even with the engine work and RS carbs, the NSR was only producing 62.3hp! Proving the virtues of dyno testing, with a new HRC card, the bike now pushes out an awesome 73.6hp! If an 11hp increase doesn't justify a session on a dyno, what does?!

Further testing was done on some track days in South France... hard life for these road racers!!


More club racer profiles coming soon, plus details on preparing and entering various national class racing, so watch this space!

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