CHAPTER 2: Inspection and Adjustment

2-1 Maintenance Schedule 2-9 Electrical System
2-3 Steering and Brakes 2-10 Maintenance Items
2-3 Brake Fluid Reservoir 2-14 Cooling System
2-4 Brake Discs and Pads 2-14 Lighting System
2-5 Suspension 2-15 RC Valve
2-5 Transmission    

Maintenance Schedule

To use, find the part you wish to perform maintenance on, and look right for the dot. No dot means that there is no need to perform maintenance on that specific part, unless the part is obviously in need of repair.
Look here for special notes and instructions on items that only require maintenance at longer intervals.
 Handlebar play        
 Handlebar damage        
 Left and right movement        
 Fork spindle installation      Tighten steering stem
 Fork spindle movement      Tighten steering stem
 Brake pedal/lever play      Play: 10-20mm pedal, 20-30mm lever
 Lever or pedal noise        
 Brake disc or pad noise        
 Damage or leakage from
 brake system
 Brake hose replacement             Every 4 years
 Brake fluid capacity     Fluid levels on reservoirs
 Master cylinder damage or wear         
 Master cylinder, cap, dust seal,
         Every 2 years, depending on wear
 Disc to pad clearance        
 Pad wear      Observe indicator on pads
 Disc wear and damage        Min disc thickness: 3.5mm front, 4mm rear
 Brake fluid replacement        
 Tyre pressure        
 Tyre wear and damage     
 Tyre tread depth     
 Foreign objects in tire tread         
 Wheel nut and bolt      
 Rim and side rim damage        
 Front and rear wheel bearings        
 Swing-arm and swing-arm bushing
 Shock absorber damage        
 Shock absorber bushing damage        
 Clutch lever play      Play: 10-20mm lever
 Transmission leakage, oil capacity      
 Gear movement        
 Transmission oil replacement          Every 2 years
 Chain slack    
 Sprocket wear, damage and
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 Spark plug performance      Plug gap 0.7-0.8mm 
 Spark plug replacement             Every 5000km
 Battery terminal connections        
 Wire connections and damage        
 Body twisting, foreign sounds      
 Low and high speed performance      Idle speed 1200rpm +/- 100rpm
 Exhaust gas       
 Air cleaner filter      
 Oil Leakage and capacity       Check that oil light does not illuminate
 Oil leakage             
 Oil capacity        
 Oil cleaner and filter clogging           
 Oil pump performance          
 Fuel leakage          
 Carburetor linkage          
 Throttle and choke cable          
 Fuel filter clogging           
 Fuel capacity           
 Fuel hose replacement           Every 4 years
 Radiator capacity      Observe levels in reserve tank
 Water leakage        
 Radiator cap          
 Cooling agent replacement             Every 2 years
 Radiator hoses and fittings        
 Labels and stickers          
 Exhaust pipe, silencers       

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Many thanks to Joe Lippo for the translation of the NSR250 Maintenance Schedule.

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