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Welcome to 's Racing Page. This section of the Site is currently undergoing redevelopment and we warmly welcome contributions from any budding journalists wishing to add to its' content! Please e-mail with any comments, suggestions, or articles for us to consider for publication.

As you can see, the pages are divided into two catagories; Racers and Racing. "Racers" is a collection of articles about club racers, their bikes, and achievements, and "Racing" covers professional events such as 250GP.

Our newly assigned "Roving Reporter" Dave Booth has already completed 2 articles for us this season, the first is the story of Donnington's 2004 Day of Champions, where his sterling efforts and the generosity of many UK readers of raised a donation in excess of £260 to pass on to the UK's very own 250GP star, Chas Davies!

His second report of the season comes from the 2004 MotoGP at Brno, the scene of Chas's best ever 250GP finish!

Remember, you can switch between the Racers and Racing pages at will by using the title-bar at the top of the page!