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The home for weird and wonderful 2-stroke Honda's from around the world!!

We are always searching for unusual bikes to be shown off here, from wacky low-riders and drag bikes, to mini-motos and gag-bikes. Feel free to send us pictures of anything interesting you think would be at home here, along with a detailed description if possible as we'd like to make this a little more informative than "just another old gallery"!!

This little gem is based on an LS125 commuter bike. It just happened to pull up outside a speed-shop in downtown Bangkok so we grabbed the nearest camera and reeled off a few shots!

The LS125 is a single cylinder liquid cooled bike sold in the SE Asian market as a low budget commuter. Several versions are available; a fully faired "sports" model complete with alloy wheels is the top of the range model, but due to the nature of the bike, and its intended purpose, "bikini" faired, wire wheeled versions are more common! This bike had several little trick features, such as the Perspex stator cover, but what really catches the eye are the machined forks and lightened swing-arm. It appears chassis strength isn't of paramount importance to the Bangkok street racer!!

This bike runs an open NSR150 carburettor with an alloy ram-pipe and an aftermarket expansion chamber. Brakes are hardly state-of-the-art; just a solid mounted disk with a twin piston sliding caliper up front, and a drum brake on the rear, but take a closer look at the chromed disk and you will see it's cross drilled holes are resized helping distract you from the fact it's still stock! An Earles braided steel hose is fitted to increase efficiency and feel though.

All in all, we think it's a very eye-catching street racer, especially as it's almost in our team colours!


This drag racer really has to be seen to be believed! It's another Honda Thailand based machine, this time a Dash moped. Again, the Dash is a 125cc liquid cooled 2-stroke, but there isn't much left of the little "shopping" bike that left the showroom!!

The custom ported cylinder is bored out to a little over 160cc and fitted with a Wiseco single ring piston. Fuelling is by an open 38mm (yes 38mm!!) RS125 Keihin, and the expansion chamber is hand made stainless steel based heavily on an A-kit RS125 system. Silencing is sort of taken care of by a kevlar stinger!

These little drag bikes are all about screaming motors and light weight, just look at the holes drilled throughout the frame! The usual pressed steel swing-arm has been replaced with a custom alloy unit too.

 The stock Dash peaks at 7000rpm, this little screamer revs on to 12,000rpm utilising an adjustable ignition unit. Although these bikes are never dyno'd, their performance figures are outstanding... this particular bike covers a standing quarter mile in just 11.3 seconds! Not bad for a "girly shopping" bike!!!

More pictures of this wild bike are coming soon!!



Well! Another thank you to Mike D'agata for sending us this unusual contraption!!

This special is actually a 160lb or 72kg Lambretta with 33 rear wheel horsepower! 

It has a CR250 cylinder (so at least there is a Honda connection!), custom crank, gearing, clutch, radiator, and a whole host of other less obvious tweaks! Take a look at the custom disk brakes! 

At the owner's local circuit, Streets of Willow race track, it will wheelie heading up the steep straightaway at about 80mph the entire way and must be steered with body movement. Well, no-one ever said Vespa's or Lambretta's were the best handling of 2-wheeled machines!! It will also power wheelie out of every turn!

It blows up quite often, but as you can guess, it's worth it!!!

Original power output from the factory on this scooter is 8.2hp! What a transformation!!


Not even a 2-stroke, but it is an NSR!!

This was the e-NSR as pictured at the Bangkok motor show.

Standing only knee high to the proverbial grasshopper, it's powered by a tiny "green" electric motor, hence the 'e' in it's title!

Designed mainly as a child's first step into two-wheeled motorised transport, it is also hoped that it will be a hit with customers wanting that special "talking piece"!

Although looked upon as a toy, there are some fantastic features, the most prominent of which has to be the rim-mounted hydraulic brake disks. Expect to see them on production machines in the very near future!!

Questions, comments, or new additions? Feel free to e-mail us!